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学习了解更多的知识 用上learn about I learned about more knowledge.

The students can learn lots of knowledge. knowledge(知识,学问,认识,知道,学科)一般有两种常见的用法,可以作可数n,也可作不可数n,最常用的是不可数 1、作不可数名词 泛指知识 如: Her knowledge of French is very extensive(她的法语知识很...

在那.我学习到了许多关于英语的知识英文翻译: In that I learned a lot about English 望采纳!

"学习知识"的英文翻译_百度翻译 "学习知识" "Learning knowledge" 全部释义和例句

英语是:Learn some extracurricular knowledge. 解释: learn 英[lɜ:n] 美[lɜ:rn] vt. 得知; 学习,学会; 习得; 记住; vt. 学习; 得知; 记住; 认识到; vi. 学习; 获知; [例句]Their children were going to learn English 他们的小孩...

to learn from '..'' to study from''....'' to become skilled like''.....'' 向= to

不可以,可以用acquire 或者gain get

知识掌握: mastery of knowledge 掌握: grasp Relative explainations: Examples: 1. 她已全面掌握了这一学科。 She has a comprehensive grasp of the subject. 2. 掌握无限空间的概念是很难的。 It is difficult to grasp the concept of infi...

努力学习才能增长知识 Studying diligently can increase knowledge.

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