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(出差订票流程) 谁能帮忙翻译一下这2句话,中译英...

We reiterate the process for business trip ticket book to all of you. Please act in accordance with it. Please submit your travel requisitins through the Portal at least two days before your trip.

I just want to let you know that I will go to the State Bureau of Taxes in Zuojiazhuan to obtain receipt for the projects of Sunshine New Business and I may have to spend the whole morning tomorrow.

online shopping tickets exchange desk

The receipt has been sent out via express mail. Also mailed out in the same express mail is the receipt sent to XXX by XXX. The tracking number for this express mail is XXXXXXX. Please check it out for its arrival.

亲爱的老大们,年会即将来临,为了不影响礼品的及时购买, 各位的赞助金以及赞助商的礼品什么时候可以到位? Dear bosses, Annual convention is coming soon, in order to prepare the gifts in time, please kindly inform when the sponsorshi...

This computer with low configuration is slow and heavy, which is unsuit for business travel.

Attachment is just a good lewis's outstanding employee nomination form, please check

Dear friends, Please take your 2013 annual leave before the 2014 Spring Festival. Please HURRY to make the Arrangement. And send the application by Portal as soon as you can. Thank you for your Cooperation. Best Regards

thank you for your kindly reminding and advice,and I will buy some cakes to celebrate inprojects` birthday with my colleagues in Beijing tomorrow.

Dear Jason, Please approve the rental fee for next quarter, total amount is xxxxx Yuan. This is the third payment request of this year, attached lease renewal contract for your reference. Thanks & Best Regards, xxxx

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