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State's Key Project of Research and Development Plan

1. In order to adapt to the development of modern business management, the company established an automated office operational software unit, I am the project leader of this team/unit. Firstly, through survery and research, we ...

plan vt. 计划;设计;打算 vi. 计划;打算 I plan to translate the novel. 我计划要翻译这篇小说。

project是指定的工程项目、设计项目 purchasement是购设备的项目

We are planing a new project.

item指的是产品或条款方面所指的项目,(可分类或列举的)项目,比如,价格条款的第一个项目(即第一点)是什么. project所指的项目是指工程,生产计划....

If we have not support his plan before,we will not met the trouble now.

attached is the renewed project plan

Parts involved in the project XX company internal audit management system Introduction: this project  project information portal and one by one, system management platform by audit management system, the audit system, b...

北京市科技计划项目(课题)管理办法(试行) Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Project (Project)Management Approach (Trial) 第一章 总则 Chapter I General Provisions 第一条 为优化科技资源配置,规范北京市科技计划项目(以下...

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