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别在乎她,因为她不在乎你 Don't care about her, because she doesn't care about you

I love her not because she is rich, beautiful, but because of her noble thoughts.如果你想知道翻译出来的话,你可以去下载软件

she began to study English when she was very young.

打电话的人要找的人是别人, 请对方稍等 直接说 Hold on, please.或者是One moment, please. 请稍等。就可以了 给个网址你看看接电话时各种情况的英语口语交际是怎样的

Sometimes, we could quarrel , but that doesn't affect our emotion.

“不在乎别人说什么,只在乎你眼中的我算什么” "Do not care what people say, only care about what you see( eyes ) in yourself" 满意请采纳,谢谢

史泰龙《洛奇6勇者无惧》 让我告诉你一些你已经知道的事 这世界不完全都是阳光和彩虹 这是一个非常卑鄙险恶的世界 我不在乎你是多么坚强 如果你屈服的话 它会把你永远打趴下的 你,我,没人能够 击打得比生活还重 但是这不在于你击打得多重 而在...

Accidentally heard the news,Very sad,Is not because i really care for your?

不是我不够主动而是你的冷漠和不在乎,我觉得我这样打扰你太犯贱 Not because I didn't take the initiative but rather you were cold and don't care. I think the way I am bothering you, which is making myself look like an idiot! 将上...

can you help me thank her for her encouragement

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