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别在乎她,因为她不在乎你 Don't care about her, because she doesn't care about you

I love her not because she is rich, beautiful, but because of her noble thoughts.如果你想知道翻译出来的话,你可以去下载软件

With my mother's birthday approaching, I seek mother's forgiveness for being tied up with my daily life that I forgot to say 'thank you'

Li Yan is my elder sister with big eyes and straight hair. Her sweet smile is always on her face, which makes her look lively. My sister is intelligent. Her grades are great, having won the scholarship twice. She sets a good ex...

Finally, she is the very person you really care.

心念汝之汝不察 奈何无心方恨初

The more I care, the more I will get hurt.

“不在乎别人说什么,只在乎你眼中的我算什么” "Do not care what people say, only care about what you see( eyes ) in yourself" 满意请采纳,谢谢

史泰龙《洛奇6勇者无惧》 让我告诉你一些你已经知道的事 这世界不完全都是阳光和彩虹 这是一个非常卑鄙险恶的世界 我不在乎你是多么坚强 如果你屈服的话 它会把你永远打趴下的 你,我,没人能够 击打得比生活还重 但是这不在于你击打得多重 而在...

Thanks for your arrangement. I have communicated with Mr. Wang per phone last Friday, I have simply understood the job contents which I will learn from, and he will train me in the following several months little by little. I g...

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