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一生的承诺: a lifetime commitment 一辈子的诺言: a promise valid for the whole life

letter of commitment 【经】 承诺书 note of acceptance 【法】 承诺书

promise to myself

9 years ago, I promised, and now I honor my commitment

你好! 答应、承诺 promise 英[ˈprɒmɪs] 美[ˈprɑ:mɪs] vt. 允诺,许诺; 给人以…的指望或希望; vi. 许诺; 有指望,有前途; n. 许诺; 希望,指望; 允诺的东西; [例句]The post office has promised to resume first class...

特此承诺 Distance makes the hearts grow fonder. hereby acknowledge You have my word.

我承诺,我做到 普通版: I promise , i can do it. 文艺版: Cross my heart, i can achieve it. 口语版: You have my word, i'm gonna make it.

你好! 结果目标承诺 Result goal commitment

grow old by deserting our

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