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“我不会说英语,我的英语口语很差,我怕你说什么我听不懂”“你会来吗,如果我很忙,我就只能给你打声招呼了,我从未说过英语” "I can't speak English, my spoken English is very poor, I'm afraid I don't understand what you say," "you will...

你好! 当然,但是我的英语口语很差 sure, but my spoken English is very poor

“我的英语不好”的英文表达为“My English is poor.” 扩展资料poor 英[pɔ:(r)] 美[pʊr] adj. 贫穷的,贫乏的; 令人怜悯的,可怜的; 匮乏的; 低劣的; n. the poor 贫困者,穷人; 词组 1.poor thing 可怜的人,可怜的家伙 2.poor efficien...

My English speaking skill is really poor,almost nothing knows

我感到很紧张,因为我的口语没有什么提高 参考翻译::I feel nervous because my spoken English is not improving. 希望帮到你

I was majoring in English and good at spoken/oral English when I was at university.

i would do my best if i were given this chance,though i knew my oral English was not very good.

◆First of all, my hearing is not good. I don't understand what people say, also I don't understand spoken English, in order to improve my listening, I began to listen to English tapes. It is very useful.

when I was in Grade Seven, I found English difficult to learn and it was also difficult to understand English and speak English.

My oral English is not good. I don't have many opportunities to practice my English speaking because we mainly focus on English writing and reading in our textbook for exams. I hope you don't mind errors in my English speaking.

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