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“我不会说英语,我的英语口语很差,我怕你说什么我听不懂”“你会来吗,如果我很忙,我就只能给你打声招呼了,我从未说过英语” "I can't speak English, my spoken English is very poor, I'm afraid I don't understand what you say," "you will...

你好! 当然,但是我的英语口语很差 sure, but my spoken English is very poor

◆First of all, my hearing is not good. I don't understand what people say, also I don't understand spoken English, in order to improve my listening, I began to listen to English tapes. It is very useful.

你好! 我刚刚有点事情耽搁了 I have just a little things delayed

"对不起,我的英语说得不好”用英语可翻译为: "I'm sorry, but I can't speak English well". 也可以翻译为: Sorry, my English is not good.

为什么不用有道翻译?百度翻译也不错。不过我可以去帮你问我的外教,应该就没有翻译那么死板。我用翻译是:I am not good at listening and speaking.

My name is… I am studying at National University Of The Inner Mongol; My major is the art.I like reading and The Ferryman is my favorite book.

we usually go to the English corner in the afternoon.l love speaking English there very much.l think it's good for practicing speaking English

I was majoring in English and good at spoken/oral English when I was at university.

i would do my best if i were given this chance,though i knew my oral English was not very good.

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