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when he was young, he didn't realize the importance of keeping fit. comsmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular between the teenagers, which made some educators worried. regardless of the difficulty, the project must be...

f many almost-of-course salutation

What are you guys fucking doing?

makes heavy reading 动宾结构 出版商读这篇报告时一定会内心沉重,所以很难读下去,他们的这种读法就是“heavy reading”,意思是报告让他们心里很难受。

1. The heart-shaped rose, reflected Chi Yan love for each other 2, like the simple and elegant wedding car, carrying the love of departure 3, the most sacred moment, your friends and family to witness 4, love each other family ...

1 This company won a profit of 10 million last year. 2 They met with an accident on the way back. 4 I wonder if you could give me some advice.

迤逦的白沙遍布远岸,火红的夕阳映照着群山,水中的鱼儿逐浪而去,高空中的鸟儿顺风而回。对比,白色的沙与红色的晚霞对比映照;借代,以“鳞”指鱼,以“翼”指鸟。写出了水中鱼儿鳞光闪闪和空中鸟儿翅膀有力的搏击。 本诗表达了诗人虽暂时能够耕种...

when will we go next morning? when will you pick me up? how long we need if we will come back at 2nd,july.

1我们应对拾荒者的救人行为进行赞扬 We deal with gleans behavior save praise 2 we deal with stranger behavior of cold criticism 3 the driver should be careful when driving Parents should strengthen the supervision of the children

access是“。。。的权限” a collection of是个短语,“许多的,大量的”

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