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1 析弗誚蕚綱徽頁慢匯妝凛祥音需阻。 2 諒籾才販採糞縞並秤涙購掲械僥宝來。 3 低嬬卞誼除匯泣斑厘嬬賠萱誼心欺低宅 4 音勣猥田稾欺議侭嗤送冱鱆囂。 5岻朔議音勣担。。

1、密忽頁叫掴冉議匯倖寄忽瓜篇葎叫掴冉猟晒才忱縮議嶄伉揖扮匆頁冉巖恷鞭散哭議唾嗄朕議仇岻匯。 Thailand is a big country in the southeast Asia and regarded as the center of southeast Asia's culture and religion as well as one ...

旁睫贅臧麓液鏖神漢冒集押繁匯倖栖徭紗鎮寄総匯倖栖徭按寄旋冉。念宀誼阻稽况朔宀夸纂嗤伉壜横 柢志酸乃塚使山嶇纏義頬嗤繁。 ∠峇親室聞誼字匂議厚仟算旗埆栖埆酔。 ⊥謹雛阻宸乂返宝室派麿嵶囹阻俯謹押繁。

How much 1`How much? Ten yuan.謹富熱10圷。 2`How much did this trousers take you?宸訳帥徨雑阻低謹富熱 3,How much is this bag? 宸倖慕淫謹富熱 4,How much did you get from your father? 低貫低幻牌椎隅誼欺謹富熱 How many 1`H...

Cycling exercise can make your lungs and heart more healthy. Most of the young people like climbing mountains better. It is good for the body to have a walk after meal. Listening to music can relax your mood.

- Simon 低嬬御盆厘匯乂購噐胆忽准晩議並秤担 - 挫議湖寓准頁厘恷浪散議准晩 - 厘断悳頁郭載蒙艶議寄架頁腹寄議社優詔架 - 厘断斤彭奮麗、社繁才涛嗔傍^仍仍 ̄

1 へやにつくえといすがあります。型寂戦嗤慕彑才厠徨。 2 つくえのうえにねこがいます。彑徨貧嗤峪竪。 3 ばいてんはえきのそとにあります。弌沢何壓概嫋議翌中。 4 よしださんはにわにいます。耳弥壓垪徨 戦。

1. 麿壓唾余嶄繍寇酷議咫業峅麗圻創哈秘隈忽個措阻輝仇議撃整嵎仇聞凪厚紗悲罷、厚否叟現彭。 Er hatte während der Reise diekostbaren pflanzlichen Rohstoffe aus Indien in das Frankreich eingef┨hrt,dadurch wurde die Qualit...

1、栖泣隅道惚岫奕担劔 挫麼吭 2、肇勸架奕担劔 挫杏 3、宸倖巓晩和怜低詒ス採鐶陦 頁議厘 4、低詒サ噬宅 厘襭徽頁厘音誼音亟厘議恬匍

5.Congratulations to your achievements and everyone are dying for your secrets of succeeding. 6.I will tell you the secret,provided that you promise to keep it. 7.I can't wait to go to the airport to pick up my advisor, who kee...

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