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Fly Away - Baby Hey Wassup pimp Birdman motha fucker The financial adviser of this get money game It's stunna the big money man So loosen up your strings cause you can get shot The Crystal absolute on the rocks (on the rocks)...

《love to be loved by you》


Backstreet Boys - Shape Of My Heart Gareth Gates - Tell Me One More Time Justin Bieber - Baby Justin Bieber - Somebody to Love Shayne Ward - Breathless Shayne Ward - No promises Stevie Hoang - He Ain't The One WestLife - I Need...

Atomic Kitten---I Want Your Love Move it right up to me, Like you know you should, And make me know you′re doin, All of the right things... Coz makin lots of money, And livin in a dream, Is when you know you′re doin, All of the...

我也有首歌忘记了,女的唱的,中间好像有什么 不爱,爱谁的,很好听的,节奏也不错,就是忘记了,你知道请告诉我

Crazy Baby是不是 你听下 不是就算了 感觉这首歌蛮像的 很多拍游戏视频的用


Use Somebody-The Voice Performance I've been roaming around Always looking down at all I see Painted faces fill the places I can't reach You know that I could use somebody You know that I could use somebody Someone like you And...


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