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各位英语达人,帮我翻译一下这个句子 感谢感谢!


China points out , the game is a main form of preschool education. This text has studied infants for 3- years old when carry on playing in " naughty fort " , this specific situation , through observing with interview, how shoul...

I began to laugh at this crazy discovery. 我因为这个疯狂的发现而大笑。 Laugh at him behind his back with your classmates 在他背后和同学一起嘲笑他。 If you want to keep off the weight, keep up the healthy eating and exercise. 如...


I'm not care the world is so cold ,because I'm cold neither (废话一下,不管世界是否冰冷,也永远不要让自己冰冷,多笑笑吧~)

A cool breeze of night, scant-stared sky with a bright moon

您好,原文修改自2008年北京奥运会开幕式主题曲《我和你》的歌词,并非一句话,翻译如下: you and me - 我和你 from one world - 来自同一个世界 we are family - 我们同是一家人 travel one dream - 传播同一个梦想 a thousand miles - 跨越千...

To provide market, commercial tenant and merchandise to customers, and guide the commercial tenant to be listed into the mechandise information database for internatioanl trading, so that customer is easy to purchase.

Hang by a thread The girl I once loved If meet in the next future I must understand the love Because I'm not the child at that time

Thank the person how helped me. 这句话虽然看起来简单,但最好用定语从句,因为感谢和帮助是不同主题做出的不同动作。help这里用一般过去式,表示曾经帮助过我。

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