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Darlin' Oh d-d-darlin' G-g-goodnight darlin' you're so fine Don't know if words can say But darlin' I'll find a way To let you know what you meant to me Guess it was meant to be I hold you in my heart As life's most precious pa...

海滩男孩的歌《亲爱的》翻译成英文是什么呢 Beach boy's song "dear

海滩男孩 演唱:洛客班 脱掉上衣戴上墨镜 剩下一件彩色颜色小裤裤 身材不好没有关系 尽情抖动身上柔软的东西 呜~ 放眼望去没有边际 潮浪他带走昨晚的忧郁 人生需要一点刺激 我要寻找今夏的bigini 呜~ 不要辜负上帝的好意 每天沈陷在工作里 倾...

歌曲名:Back Home 歌手:海滩男孩 专辑:15 Big Ones Juno - Back Home MaxRNB - Your first R&B/Hiphop source I've been lost for so long Tryin to find my home Lookin for a place I'd see myself goin home... Yeah But no matter where I g...

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