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非常荣幸能收到你的来信,很抱歉这么晚回复你,也希望这并没有影响到你的安排。It is my great pleasure to receive your letter. I’m terribly sorry for my late reply, and hope that it wouldn’t affect your arrangement. 我想我可能在16号...

龚教授: 您好! 非常抱歉没能及时给您回信。我是王教授培养的一名学生,目前刚毕业不久。作为一个刚毕业入职的新员工,我上个月正在参加单位的封闭式军训,因此没能及时读取您的邮件。昨天读取您的邮件后,我立即电话询问了王教授,他说这段时...

如果能回信给我我将会无比荣幸。 翻译为英文是: It would be an honor for me if you could reply to me. 注:请提问者及时采纳翻译答案!

please reply to me

please revert asap. or Looking forward to your quick reply.

I look forward to receiving your letters

Dear XXX How are you doing? It's a long time since our last communication and yet I received no any replies from you, I'd like very much to know what the status it is at your side, are there any problems regarding our cooperati...

Since I didn't get your reply, I would like to make a confirmation. Have you received my email please?

I'll be grateful if you could reply asap. I hope you'll understand if I am not able to reply to you after work. I'll reply to you asap the next day when I start work.

Life without regret, lost things like a gust of wind; life is not to regret, the finally still to come; life does not need to upset, anxious white hair to black again; life does not need to lament, self-confidence will lose eve...

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