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My campus life Hello everyone.Today I'm glad to be here to give a speech about my fresh experience in China Agriculture University. First I must say the campus life is really different from what I have experienced in high schoo...

My college life It is four years since I came into my college. I have to say that my college life was so wonderful, although in some aspects I failed. I love the campus, in which the lanscape was so beautiful and the study atom...


I thought the university life is a full of freedom, openness, rambling place

厘議寄僥伏試 My Campus Life It has been two years since I first got to university. Some of my classmates say that the college life is boring, because they have plenty of time but do not know what to do. However, from my point o...

号皿秀咏喘scheme How do you scheme your college life.

1、秧秉議伏試斑繁煤防酔赤進李議晩徨斑繁附伉噪埣。咀葎秧秉雑課醒只咀葎進李佛埖茘莢嗤阻秧秉祥謹阻釈隔議畳伉嗤阻進李祥謹阻弖箔議佚伉進李寄僥伏試。 2、繁脅頁影竃栖議。匯倖繁泌惚音影徭失匯委喟垓音岑祇徭失嗤謹單倔。耽倖...


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