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We learnt the news about the fire this morning. He became interested in dancing as he grew older. Many of them didn't enjoy the journey at all. TIs the restaurant famous for its excellent food? We can always get something usefu...

1, It’s an autumn festival. 2, We are going to have lunch together. 3, What do the people do? 4, Look at these children’s hats.

they are going to the gym for this basketball match [他们要去体育馆参加这场篮球赛。] 拓展:连词成句问题要把重点词语或者词组的意思弄明白,这样有助于整句话的串联 going出行,离去; 出发; 行为; 工作情况; 活着的,现在的; 进行中的,营...

If you land on a sign, you must say what it means. 如果你落在一个标志上,就必须说出它的意思。 land动词 v. 降落;登陆 名词n. 陆地;土地 反义词 take off 起飞 ★ land on意为“降落在;着陆于”,除了在游戏中使用外,还可用于表示飞机降落...

Many wide roads were built in Tangshan last year. The teacher warned us not to play football on the road.

please send me an email we will play many games what will they do in december ?

81. I traveled to Africa last year. 82. There were many places of interest. 83. I visited the largest desert in the world. 84. What an amazing desert it was! That was really an unusual trip for me.

Mr.King became our teacher 10 years ago. Why does everyone love him? He has a good way in teaching. Mr.King is strict with us. What a helpful teacher is he.

关系代词 1) 关系代词用来引导定语从句。它代表先行词,同时在从句中作一定的句子成分,例如:The girl to whom I spoke is my cousin. 跟我讲话的姑娘是我表妹。(该句中whom既代表先行词the girl,又在从句中作介词to的宾语。) 2) 关系代词...

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