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Our teacher always says that students shouldn't waste time during the class.



they are going to the gym for this basketball match [他们要去体育馆参加这场篮球赛。] 拓展:连词成句问题要把重点词语或者词组的意思弄明白,这样有助于整句话的串联 going出行,离去; 出发; 行为; 工作情况; 活着的,现在的; 进行中的,营...

I enjoy playing football very much I am crazy about pop music

please send me an email we will play many games what will they do in december ?

We are going to visit the Great Wall tomorrow. 我们明天将去参观长城 He is going to watch TV tonight. 他今晚将会看电视 My father is going to Beijing by plane next Monday. 我爸爸下星期一将会乘飞机去北京 1,I'm going to [[ visit m...

1.He is in grade one class two. 他在一年二班。 2.So let us look at the mew stamp. 所以让我们看一眼新地图。 3.Where is her English teacher? 英语老师在哪? 4.This man in the picture is Dick's father. 图片中的男人是迪克的爸爸。

2. I sometimes go by bike 3.go at green light 4.You can go by the No.10 bus 5.How canI go to work? 6.My home is near the post office

1 The lecture will be given on Friday afternoon. 2 I will tell you how to get to our school by bus. 3 You can take the No.44 bus on the left side of your home. 4 Go forward and turn left at the first crossing. 5 Go along the ro...

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