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l want to fund out if she likes her job。

when is the party for the headmaster farewell

She often does homework for five times a week. 她经常一周做五次作业。 He watches TV sometimes.他有时看电视,这里watch可能是题出错了,应该是watches才对。 I want two cups of water. 我想要两杯水。 The book is on the desk.这本书在...

There is a can beside the river. 在河边有一个罐头。

1.His family will get together. 2.My mother is going to make mooncakes. 3 Are they going to see a film?

there is some water in the bottle 如果有帮到您 请给予好评 哦 谢谢拉#^_^#祝您愉快

sign,where,tells,to,us,park,the.(连词成句) Where the sign tells us to the park?

1-5. D E A C F 6-10. B H I J G

you should go to the hospital if you feel ill

Don't cross the road when there's the red man.

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