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1, It is hard for us to raise money. 2, It was a hard time for us those days.

water fish live the in happliy(.) Fish live in the water happily. 鱼在水里快乐地生活。 love full place is a home of(.) Home is a place full of love. 家是一个充满爱的地方。 February December to Winter from is (.) Winter is from ...

3 Guo Moruo was famous as a writer .

1, It’s an autumn festival. 2, We are going to have lunch together. 3, What do the people do? 4, Look at these children’s hats.

1, Swimming is fun, it makes you strong and healthy. 游泳很有趣,它使你健壮和健康。 2. Swimmingsuit can not be too big or too small. 游泳衣不能太大也不能太校


Our teacher always says that students shouldn't waste time during the class.

I enjoy playing football very much I am crazy about pop music

Those yellow crayons are not mine We will go swimming at the beach

参考答案如下: 1. Is it on the left down Zhongshan Street? 2. Where is the restaurant? 3. Is the bank across from the post office? 4. Are there any libraries near here? 5. I live near a noisy neighbourhood. 6. I like to spend t...

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