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1, It is hard for us to raise money. 2, It was a hard time for us those days.

3 Guo Moruo was famous as a writer .

1, It’s an autumn festival. 2, We are going to have lunch together. 3, What do the people do? 4, Look at these children’s hats.


they are going to the gym for this basketball match [他们要去体育馆参加这场篮球赛。] 拓展:连词成句问题要把重点词语或者词组的意思弄明白,这样有助于整句话的串联 going出行,离去; 出发; 行为; 工作情况; 活着的,现在的; 进行中的,营...

Trees turn yellow in autumn. 秋天树变黄了

We learnt the news about the fire this morning. He became interested in dancing as he grew older. Many of them didn't enjoy the journey at all. TIs the restaurant famous for its excellent food? We can always get something usefu...

She often talks to her friends on the Internet Do you have a computer at home? Jenny uses her computer every day We can get much informaton online Many students use their computers for homework

He introduced his friends to us. What do you usually talk about? Her sister hates to walk in the rain. What do you like to wear clothes? My mother bought a pair of shoes for I.

They are having an English lesson. ******************************************************************* 加油!不明白再问!如果帮到你,请及时采纳,谢谢! *******************************************************************

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