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连词成句can draw sarah kung and do fu cartoons

has become china to send the third nation into space a man

1、The favourite of my family is the monkey. 句意:我的家人最喜欢猴子。 2、The tiger is strong and catches animals for food. 句意:那只老虎很强壮并且捉动物做食物。 3、There are about 20 kinds of monkeys in this zoo. 句意:动物...

Jack and Carl, how are you today? Jack和Carl,你们今天好吗?

4. What's the date tomorrow? 明天是几月几号? 5. I was born in October 1992. 我出生于1992年10月。


it was sunny and warm that day 望采纳!O(∩_∩) 求采纳为满意回答。

1. Why don't you ask your teacher? 你为何不问你的老师? 2. He showed me his new coat last night. 昨晚他给我看了他的大衣。 3. We can get you a ticket tomorrow.我们明天给你搞到一张票。 4. The girl looks like her father.那个女孩看...


How tall is Your brother? 你的弟弟多高啊? 望采纳,谢谢

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