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future,a,be,wish,to,have,strong,engineer,an,in,I,the(连词成句) I have a strong with to be an engineer in the furture. 我有一种强烈的愿望,希望未来能成为工程师。 希望可以帮到你(⊙o⊙)哦

What should we do if we see an old man fall down on the street?

You can enjoy the special dishes of Xi’an.

原题 you,the,can,call,answeer 连词成句 can you answer the call? 意思 你能回一下电话吗?


Robinson lives on an island in the play.

Do we listen in an English class? --------------Shanghai Onesmart Education is glad to serve for you.

亲,a 和an 之中应该有一个是首字母大写的吧?“a”大写则第一位的回答正确,“an”首字母大写则第二位的回答正确哦。 望采纳!

There is a post office near here. The fast food restaurant is on Bridge Street. There are some pay phones in front of the library. There is not any milk in the bottle. Where is the police station? Where are the children making ...

I want an orange from the tree.

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