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I hope you have a good trip. The fruit market is on your right. It was an exciting day. He wants to visit some interesting places. 作文many students are playing on the playground.Some are playing basketball,some are playing foo...

What was the poor man doi9ng on street

原句 took,walk,school,she,hour,ago,to,an(.) 连词成句 She took a walk to school an hour ago .

future,a,be,wish,to,have,strong,engineer,an,in,I,the(连词成句) I have a strong with to be an engineer in the furture. 我有一种强烈的愿望,希望未来能成为工程师。 希望可以帮到你(⊙o⊙)哦

Robinson lives on an island in the play.

There were an old woman and a cat. In the mountain lived a smell child. My mum is looking after my grandmother.

There are many tall buildings in Xi'an. .

what does mike's family usually do on saturday ? the monkey is eating bananas. Helen's mother has got an earache.

1.Wang Fang's brother is born in May. 2.The girl behind the desk likes chicken best. 3. In fact, the girl in red is not an actress. 4. The cat is not under the white chair./The white cat is not under the chair. 5.There is a tal...

can I go with you?are you doing wath there ?(这句不肯定,你再看看有没有什么单词给我给错的?)we mustn"t pick flowers in the it an oak tree?I think they are violets .

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