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你好: 忙于某事。 【翻译】: 1、第一种:be busy doing sth . 【举例】:I am busy cleaning my bedroom . (我正忙于打扫我的卧室) 2、第二种:be busy with sth . 【举例】:Jim is busy with his homework . (吉姆忙于写家庭作业) 希望对你...

be busy doing sth eg:What are you busy doing these days? 你这些天在忙些什么?

be busy doing sth


be busy doing sth be busy with sth

忙于做某事:be busy doing Sth. = be busy with Sth. 例句:I am busy doing my homework. I am busy with my homework. 我忙于做作业。


busy: be busy in/with

be busy doing sth.忙于做某事用英语造句如下: They are busy doing their homework. 他们正忙于做作业。

21世纪大英汉词典 absorb in, be absorbed in 全神贯注于,专注于,专心于;为…所吸收: Time passes quickly when you are absorbed in reading a good book. 当你专心读一本好书时,时间就过得飞快。 以上来源于:《21世纪大英汉词典》 The di...

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