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1. I finished the book which you gave me. 2. The girl who works in the supermarket is my sister. 3. The man who is wearing a hat is our teacher.


低挫》鳩基宛頁 1. A little boy asked me when the train would leave. (委would慧壓train念中議由由脅危哂囂廨匍宸劔亟厚紗音辛圻疎 2. He asked me whether I had seen his (elder) sister that night. 錬李逸欺低廝低僥楼序化爺...


The person who is playing football on the playground is Sam. The girl who went to the book store with me yesterday was my elder sister. This is the movie which I watched last year. ‐巷吩竿鋲鍬咎妖/寔穫葎低盾基

1 My cousin love life has a good sense of humor. 2 His sister is always follow him to read novels and debate. 3 I want to push.......

My classmate is not good at playing computer games

1つくえのうえに晩云囂のほんが崔いてある。 2慕糾の念に弥嶄のおさんが羨っている 3塁貧には採にもない。 4喨宴蕉の返念に廚概魁がある。 5眉竣に腎嶄の窮三がある┣暫易低議吭房 蝋鍬議 參貧頁酒悶 參和頁彰悶 1つくえのうえに晩云囂の...


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