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1. I finished the book which you gave me. 2. The girl who works in the supermarket is my sister. 3. The man who is wearing a hat is our teacher.


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「お姉ちゃん、人生ってしょっぱいね」 摇曳百合第一季第六集22:00时 结衣的妹妹说过这句话 摇曳百合第二季第六集15:38时 路人说过这句话 这句话其他字幕组是翻译成 姐姐,人生真是凄凉啊

1.此本书送给我亲爱的姐姐。 This book is for my dearest(最最亲爱的) elder sister. This book is sent to my dear sister. This book is presented to my dear sister as a gift. This book is gifted to my dear sister. 2.愿你度过一个快乐...

谢谢祝福。终于盼到放假了,好开心!木村小姐也可以趁此机会好好休息了。附几张北京秋冬照片,请鉴赏。 祝福ありがとうございます。 やっと休みに入りまして、すごく嬉しいです。 木村さんもこれをきにゆっくりと休んでください。 また、北京で...

The person who is playing football on the playground is Sam. The girl who went to the book store with me yesterday was my elder sister. This is the movie which I watched last year. 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为你解答!

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