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七年级上 英语 连词成句

1.Wang Fang's brother is born in May. 2.The girl behind the desk likes chicken best. 3. In fact, the girl in red is not an actress. 4. The cat is not under the white chair./The white cat is not under the chair. 5.There is a tal...

一共有六句话才对,完整版答案如下 1 What did David do last vacation? 2 Did he do anything Interesting? 3 He did his homework all day . 4 Who went to the post office? 5 Where did Tom fly a kite? 6Why did not he have dinner ye...

Jace has a long holiday in winter. It's good to come back to my home town again. I like spring because everything turns green. 同义句 It is interesting to

1she eats the dinner at six in the afternoon.

为你解答。 1、He plays sports with his classmates. 2、Selina doesn't like tomatoes for dinner. 3、We sell all our books at good prices. 4、Ask the teacher for your pen. 5、What colour is this ruler? 6、These are some photos of ...

I improve my spoken English by listening to English songs. 我依靠听英语歌提高我的英语口语。

who are the boys and girls in front of the library?

1 Do you have a soccer ball ? 2 Does he have a ping-pong ball ? 3 Let's play soccer. 4 She plays sports every day. 5 Sam has a great sports collection. ***************************************************************************...

Har far is it from here to your school?

6.The news makes her very happy. 7.Everybody must obey the rules. 8.It is good to help us learn English.

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