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七年级上 英语 连词成句

一共有六句话才对,完整版答案如下 1 What did David do last vacation? 2 Did he do anything Interesting? 3 He did his homework all day . 4 Who went to the post office? 5 Where did Tom fly a kite? 6Why did not he have dinner ye...

1.Wang Fang's brother is born in May. 2.The girl behind the desk likes chicken best. 3. In fact, the girl in red is not an actress. 4. The cat is not under the white chair./The white cat is not under the chair. 5.There is a tal...

15.Those are Jenny‘s sisters and brothers 16.Here are my family photos 17.Sally is in the next photo 18.What telephone number is your brother’s? 19.Mimi is my cat in my family,too.

You can ask about the things in the picture

It is hard for Lucy to study Chinese .

1 七年级英语下册第3-4单元重要知识点 ( 一) 有几分/有点...... kind of+形容词 一种/这种/那种..... a/this/that+ kind of +名词 1. 哪种...... what kind of+名词 各种各样的.... (all) kinds of+名词 对某人友好的 be kind to +sb. = be fri...

(1)we will have an English party tonoght. (2)Cheistmas is the most festival in many countries. (3)How do you celebrate your Christmas? (4)We should love our parents and our teachers too.

连词成句can draw sarah kung and do fu cartoons

We can shop online. Don't use that pen. I don't want to buy a dress. We want to buy some potatoes.2-5

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