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自动检测中英文中译英英译中百度翻译 翻译结果(中 > 英)复制结果 Current account status of continuous improvement. In 2010 China's current-account transactions of $3.6 trillions of dollars of annual maximum value, the current acc...

:Please wait, I take you to his extension


a new haircut, a mew mood.

楼主你好!翻译如下: 所有具体的项目文件均备有安装程序(或配件),使得整个项目(程序)可从一个计算机系统移植到其他系统并正常使用,无需重新安装。

where have you been working? Are you homesick? Where is your university?

"Round university dream, only double to strive, to strive, to pay."

以下自打 four years has passed,i never thought i will face today when it began thanks for your accompanying ,accompany me to Walk through four years'youth both of us have given each other too much surprise and moving, which mak...

1----The grammar teaching should be more careful. 语法教学应该更加认真/细致。 2----The background of the text should be more talked about.多讲授些课文的背景知识。 3----The usage of some words should be taught more. 一些单词的用...

listen and translate collected (language material),and revise it to complete the (text manuscript).verify the technical vocabulary by using specially dictionary.括号里的是直接翻译的,可能不对

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