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that is what i am attracted to. 这也正是吸引我的地方。

We are required to ponder the limits of old beliefs of success, which carries much less value than the immortal values that indeed carries weight to a man’s life. 我们需要对旧有的成功信念作思考,它所代表的价值远不至于不朽不灭,...

We seldom meet them nowadays, but it was quite often when they lived on the same street with us in the past. 这种翻译比较标准 They lived in the same street with us,so we saw them very ofen,but now we don't see them any more. 这...

1、里面全是故事和神话传说。be full of 2、嫦娥的故事反映了中国人飞向太空的梦想。fly into 3、火药爆炸了,他因此而丧命。 4、几个世纪以来,中国人的飞天梦仅仅停留在故事和传说当中。For centuries 5、这次成功的飞行实现了中华民族世代相...

If going to university doesn't work out, student pay very little if any of their tution fees back. 意思是:如果上大学不成功,学生们只需支付很少的学费。

你好:为您提供满意解答 翻译为:经验告诉我,决定你是谁的不是你付出了什么,而是你是怎么使用它的。 谢谢,不懂可追问 学习宝典团队为你解答


他总是昏头昏脑的。 not know whether one is standing on one's head or one's heels是晕头转向,昏头昏脑的意思。

I have read many aticles you wrote in the area of literature. Your opinions on literature are very professional and insightful. I benefited from them a lot. Thank you veru much! Would you please kindly recommend me some books t...

Urban expansion has led to serious environmental pollution。

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