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多用英语进行交流 对话是提高英语口语能力最有效的方法之一,建议同学们应抓住一切机会和别人对话。与人对话的方式和对象很多。同学之间可以在课余散步的时候对话,也可以在宿舍里用英文沟通,平时没事时也可以找英语老师和外教聊天,交流学习心...

How many consumer sale units are there in a container ? The unit for electricity consumption is not understandable. Could express it in kWh or MJ ? Can you give an idea of the loss of material (% loss = 1- Material output /mate...

如何提高英语口语翻译 How to improve oral English translation improve 英 [ɪmˈpru:v] 美 [ɪmˈpruv] vt. 提高(土地、地产)的价值;利用(机会);改善,改良 vi. 变得更好;改进,改善 第三人称单数: improves 现在分词:...

spoken English

1.Do you enjoy learning English?Why or why not? Sure I do enjoy learning English. it's not only because of the importance of the language, but the interesting fact that we can thought like western people when we learning it. 2....

网易有道词典有这个功能 希望对你有帮助。

提高英语口语技巧 Improve oral English skills

让我帮你吧。 射精就是cum,例句” Oh god, cum on my face" 勃起其实就是hard 例句“My dick gets hard" 不谢~

他的英语口语正在迅速进步。 His spoken English is rapidly improving. His spoken English is rapidly progressive. His spoken English is rapidly progressing.

spoken English

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