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最简单的是用拼音,但是从小到大翻 No. 7 Jianshe Nanyi Road, Hushitai, Shenbei New District, Shenyang (邮编),Liaoning Province,PRC 如果是国际信件,这样翻比较常见些。真的按意思翻译,两边的邮递员都看不懂。

orange 橘黄色 try to touch the orange sky 试着去触摸这橘黄色的天空 try to love the white-snow you 试着去爱雪白的你 faded my heart 我的心已经褪色 growed snow-white 变成雪白 changed my life 我的生命已经改变 lived alone 孤独的生活...

句子的意思是:点击下面 College ATLAS 的链接,查看这周的 Tolle Lege。 Tolle Lege 是拉丁文,意思是“拿起来阅读”,这是网站每周的时事通讯。 注:College Atlas 是介绍全球各地高校的网站。

Law and morality and coordination with economic construction and social development, is the economic base determines the superstructure of marxist philosophy proposition, prompt the virtue and rule in the process of the develop...

Henan Tengfei real estate (Group) Co. Ltd.


This paper in 1959 to 1963 literature of the Shanghai for a specific interpretation, investigates the twentieth century sample 559 time national literature and local literary relations. One of the paper's basic point is: 559 ti...

我感觉第一位回答的“I feel I cannot integrate into you”就可以了。也可以加一个that,i fell that i can't

1.Besides my study, I always work hard on developing myself in an all-around way. I attend all kinds of out-door activities in order to develop my interests and abilities. 2.For example, I often go travelling together with some... 看一下,你就明白

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