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(中国广东省韶关市) 南雄市雄中路主田路口(往韶关方向50米)金竹花园1-2号 No. 1-2, Gold Bamboo Garden(或纯音译:Jinzhu Huayuan) Estate(50 meters towards Shaoguan), Zhutian Crossing, Xiongzhong Road/Street(看当地习惯选用), Nanxio...

最简单的是用拼音,但是从小到大翻 No. 7 Jianshe Nanyi Road, Hushitai, Shenbei New District, Shenyang (邮编),Liaoning Province,PRC 如果是国际信件,这样翻比较常见些。真的按意思翻译,两边的邮递员都看不懂。

231-5, Neung-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea (见

I'm sorry for absence of lessons recently because my physical condition is not very well.So I went to hospital in the golden week. Since the credits of this course is very important for me,I came back as soon as possible,and I'...


Equipment maintenance directory, pump gas purification (a), definition and classification of the pump (two), treatment plants use pump structure, working principle, maintenance and the common faults of centrifugal pump reciproc...


I'm not care the world is so cold ,because I'm cold neither (废话一下,不管世界是否冰冷,也永远不要让自己冰冷,多笑笑吧~)

Positive use of the torch and the most representative artistic features a top view renderings; around the back with a patterned way to the torch as the central axis, lift one side, one side falls 没关系,采纳就行

Nothing has to say when making acquaintances with others,friends will come even from a thousand miles away when the meeting date comes. The creaters have forever-lasting sunshine and passion.Let's make progress hand in hand and...

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