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箔鍬咎晩囂議励鞘三1慕彑貧中嗤晩囂慕 2慕糾念中頁...

1つくえのうえに晩云囂のほんが崔いてある。 2慕糾の念に弥嶄のおさんが羨っている 3塁貧には採にもない。 4喨宴蕉の返念に廚概魁がある。 5眉竣に腎嶄の窮三がある┣暫易低議吭房 蝋鍬議 參貧頁酒悶 參和頁彰悶 1つくえのうえに晩云囂の...

字┐弔え テ`ブル才字(つくえ頁匯倖吭房。脅頁嶄忽議仝彑徨々 テ`ブル嶄寂議-祥頁傍窟仝テ々議海咄。te-bu ru

I have many things on the desk.

This is his book.

My father's study is beautiful on the window sill a potted plant, the window there is a desk, the desk there is a bookcase, there are a lot of books. There is a picture on the wall, he likes to read Chinese Classics afraid of mice 2.a pair of jeans 3.ask me me 5.put the book on the desk with fire our work ‐拭税壮哂/妖錦葎艇盾基。

There is a desk in the room.

1 we all like the teacher, because he has a sense of humor. 2 when you go through our desks, don't knock our books and pens on the floor. 3 he often helps me with my homework, and she always gives seats to people in need on the...

in your bag on the desk the Jins on the blackbroad, factory worker lab Capital letter

In my desk there is a pen,an eraser,a notebook and three keys.鹸崙娚薮孔嬬妣匆喘音阻😂歓返嬉李寡追

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