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箔鍬咎晩囂議励鞘三1慕彑貧中嗤晩囂慕 2慕糾念中頁...

1つくえのうえに晩云囂のほんが崔いてある。 2慕糾の念に弥嶄のおさんが羨っている 3塁貧には採にもない。 4喨宴蕉の返念に廚概魁がある。 5眉竣に腎嶄の窮三がある┣暫易低議吭房 蝋鍬議 參貧頁酒悶 參和頁彰悶 1つくえのうえに晩云囂の...

This is his book.

I have many things on the desk.

墾殿析報 Afraid of mice 匯訳釘徙帥 a pair of jeans 出厘 call me 逸廁厘 help me 委慕慧壓慕彑貧 Put the book on the desk 螺諮 play with fire 浪散厘断議垢恬 Like our work

心欺慕彑貧芦床棉彭議匯均慕 厘匯俳觀╋舎下簣払阻 책상위에 가만히 올려져 있는 책을 보니 저는 모든 생&...


Are there 5 books on the table just now

1On the desk 2Under the sofa 3In their room. 4In their bed 5On the table 6Hurry up 低議諒籾厮指基,錬李斤低嗤侭逸廁。廝低伏試噪酔&-&

My father's study is beautiful on the window sill a potted plant, the window there is a desk, the desk there is a bookcase, there are a lot of books. There is a picture on the wall, he likes to read Chinese Classics

1 we will live on the space station. 2 this table takes up too much space. 3 this is his own apartment. (two sentence patterns) 4 some boys are playing games in the park. 5 a bird is singing in the tree. 6 he is a middle school...

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