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求翻译日语的五句话1书桌上面有日语书 2书店前面是...

I have many things on the desk.



1,我的手表刚刚还在书桌上。 My watch was still on the (writing) desk just now. 2,两个小时前花园里有许多蝴蝶。 There were many butterflies in the flower garden two hours ago. 3,昨天我们唱了许多英文歌曲。 We sang many English l...

1. There is a ball in between the two desks. 2. In between the two desks, there is a ball.

1:On the desk 2:Under the sofa 3:In their room. 4:In their bed 5:On the table 6:Hurry up 你的问题已回答,希望对你有所帮助。祝你生活愉快&-&

In my desk there is a pen,an eraser,a notebook and three keys.复制粘贴功能咋也用不了😂纯手打望采纳

翻译: 1) It's a white desk/table on which there are an English book and a pencil box. 2) The table /desk is white. There are an English book and a pencil box on it.

1 we will live on the space station. 2 this table takes up too much space. 3 this is his own apartment. (two sentence patterns) 4 some boys are playing games in the park. 5 a bird is singing in the tree. 6 he is a middle school...

1 we all like the teacher, because he has a sense of humor. 2 when you go through our desks, don't knock our books and pens on the floor. 3 he often helps me with my homework, and she always gives seats to people in need on the...

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