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Daily stress, an annoying sense of disappointment fear that the government knows a lot more about you than you would like it to——these主 are系 obviously some of the ways表 in which technology reduces people's sense of well-bein...

the big clock 是主语 which used to strick hours day and night是定语从句 作定语 修饰 the big clock was damaged 是谓语 many years ago 是状语 and has been silient是并列谓语 ever since是状语

and is full of要加个is,以区别于has became应该用becomes,这里应该用一般现在时,因为是描述一个事实 food应该用复数foods,因为是说多种食品之一 welcome应该是welcomed因为这里是被动态,所以要用过去分词。


there lived in London a girl there lived a girl in London是there be结构的变形。不用be而用其他动词,句子更生动。类似的: There stood a man under a tree.树下站着一个人。 There flows a river around our city.绕城流着一条河。

My brother, Jimmy, did not get enough oxygen during a difficult delivery, leaving him with brain damage, and two years later I was born. leaving him with brain damage 现在分词做状语。使他大脑损伤。

heard需要换成hears It can be seen that everyone who hears encouragement can feel warm.


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