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1.美国人喜欢到处搬家,因此很难与别人深交。 2.当我进来的时候,一个关于谁应该去厨房取面包的琐碎争吵正在发生。 不一定准确,仅供参考哈。

The sweet that is in your mouth was in the plate on the table. The girl who has a pen in her hand writes English words with her sister every day. 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O有不明白的请继续追问(*^__^*)

Susan began to believe that she will finaly become a useful life to live I think I will make efforts to keep up a correspondence with them in the future

1.我们的一些大学,正在培养一些“精致的利己主义者”,他们高智商、世俗、善于表演、懂得配合、更善于利用体制达到自己的目的。 Our universities today are cultivating some "exquisite egoists" now, they are highly intelligent, secular, g...

1Do not intend to work hard is impossible to succeed. 2 He has poor eyesight, so that he can't see the girl far away.

1it is unbelievable that the harder you try to make everything right,the more conscious you become of a possible problem 2Failure is not scary,but what is frightening is that you can't learn lessons from your failure

roll the galvanized wire into 50 kilograms of a plate wrappe The galvanized on the shaft 这是正常的语序,也是将两句中文中的“动词”名词要体现的意思表现出来了,你参考下

Watching him falling from the chair, we burst out laughing. The tiger was caught and released to wild after examined by the researchers.

you should connect the lines correctly, or the device would be burned down exchang W and E after you cut off the electricity supply

1. The nerve of him ! (他)放肆,大胆。 2. 一群怪物靠得很近(紧)站在一起。 1 指出其中的固定用法,习惯短语。 2 第二句中的a huddle of加的是可数还是不可数名词? 可数的,不可数都行 3 第二句中的close by是什么意思?weirdos 呢? 近...

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