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My hometwon has changed a lot in the pass ten years. In 1919, the May Forth Movement took place in Beijing.

The sweet that is in your mouth was in the plate on the table. The girl who has a pen in her hand writes English words with her sister every day. 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O有不明白的请继续追问(*^__^*)

翻译成英文是1. bless his alma mater: the glorious history of more brilliant, talented people from generation to generation, and the young world, fruitful vibration Chinese! 2 in alma mater 65 anniversary, wish his alma mater: h...

Where is your sister form? where does your sister come from? ——你的姐姐来自哪里

We reiterate the process for business trip ticket book to all of you. Please act in accordance with it. Please submit your travel requisitins through the Portal at least two days before your trip.

1.美国人喜欢到处搬家,因此很难与别人深交。 2.当我进来的时候,一个关于谁应该去厨房取面包的琐碎争吵正在发生。 不一定准确,仅供参考哈。

when he was young, he didn't realize the importance of keeping fit. comsmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular between the teenagers, which made some educators worried. regardless of the difficulty, the project must be...

Medium to small size commecial banks are products of Socialist marketing economy. For the past twenty years, medium to small size commercial banks served significants roles in the process of marketing economy reformation. Not o...

慈善是存于心灵的美德,而不是外化于表面的。 只要踮起脚,就能眺望到整个世界。

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