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谷歌翻译的确非常不错,智能翻译的未来也是很好的。去年秋天,谷歌翻译推出了一个全新升级的人工智能翻译引擎,该引擎翻译文本有时与人工翻译文“几乎无法区分”。 谷歌在2016年的大部分时间里都在重新设计其翻译工具,让它由人工智能驱动。这样一...

要是我能给你讲清楚,我的智商就下降到你的级别了。 If I can spell it out to you, my mentality will be degenerated to the level you are at now. // spell out 说清楚

How can I trust you for you IQ is that low.


As usual,I only can read books quietly and peacefully,but I am a little upset today.When I talk with you, now I would look at you several times.Today, I have seen you four times. The devil in my heart tell me what to do

他的智商很高 但情商很低的翻译是:His IQ is high but EQ is very low


ven is populated with horrors.

A: to explore the purpose of physical and mental balance (a) problems of modern society Why college students part-time process has been blocked. Why doing physical labor of the grass-roots staff income is not high, brains and h...

You will have less difficulties in communicating with intellectual disabilities if you are patient enough. It is difficult for teachers to deal with students on a basis of one to one model.

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