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Color the thing

Paint it, Color it.

Coloring to the article


您好: 1,Paint the picture. 通常Paint有填充颜色的意思,上的颜色都是都过软件里面用的或者是喷色,就像Photoshop的填充工具 2,color the picture 通是有染色,手工亲自着色,涂颜料的意思,它的颜色一般可以抹掉,或者颜色会变色。 就要看您...

红:red 橙:orange 黄:yellow 绿:green 蓝:blue 紫:purple 黑:black 白:white 粉红:pink 灰:gray 金:gold 褐色:brown 银色:silver 紫红:fuchsia 深蓝:navy 浅绿:aqua 桃红:peachpuff 淡紫色:lavender


This is my room.It's big and clean.There is a big bed in my room.There is a schoolbag on the chair.There is a dictionary on the desk. And there is a pair of glasses on the TV.Look at the photo.It's on the wall. I like my room.

I like watch,it's white and black.我喜欢手表,它是白色和黑色的。

color fading 亲,请问你满意我的回答么? 如果满意还请给个采纳! 或者你还可以继续问我哦! 提前祝你新年快乐!

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