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等会你处理的时候,注意一下这一个细节。 Please pay special attention to this detail when you handle this later. Please focus on this detail when you handle this later

detailed description detailed characteristic

我觉得原句是正确的, on which 后边是一个倒装句,实际上是mathematical theories of logic and probabilities are founded on the laws of thought

细节有很多说法,你看看选择你需要的 detail:careful attention to detail.对细节的密切注意 minutia:“the minutiae of experimental and mathematical procedure”“实验和数学演算过程的细枝末节” particular:correct in every particular.每...

细节有很多说法,你看看选择你需要的。 1、 detail:careful attention to detail.对细节的密切注意 。 2、minutia:“the minutiae of experimental and mathematical procedure”“实验和数学演算过程 的细枝末节” 。 3、particular:correct in ...

I pay more attention to the details

我想补充点关于.的细节说明的英文翻译_百度翻译 我想补充点关于.的细节说明 I'd like to add some details about it 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译 details_百度翻译 details 英['di:teɪlz] 美['di:teɪlz] n. 详细资料; 详述( detail的...

Be concentrate on every detail. 或 Focus on every detail .

'一个关注细节的人才能成功 the man will success when he emphasizes details

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