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一首英文歌,是个男的唱的开头的旋律是等登等登 等...

大神来了····· Linkin Park-What I've Done

我怎么听前奏都是等等等等的1. What Are Words 2 .somebody that i used to know 3.with u ( Janet Jackson) 你听听看 几率有点校。。

the next episode——Dr.Dre、Snoop Dogg、Nate Dogg

Train - "Shake Up Christmas" Lyrics Ho-ho-ho Shake up the happiness Wake up the happiness Shake up the happiness It's Christmas time There's a story that I was told And I wanna tell the world before I get too old And don't reme...

sting的every breath you take 吹牛老爹的 i'll be missing you

这首歌是coldplay的viva la vida

For as long as I loved you girl That I gave you all my love With all my heart and soul I thought that I was be the one But you didn't appreciate a single I do You just left me with a broken heart Didn't you, didn't you? I tried...

这个问题真的不知道怎么回答你 关键字没有完整的提供。 再加上就只有这点旋律,是很难知道你要的是什么歌曲的。 如果想要好听的歌。 建议你去听 Are You The One 这首歌的旋律很好

楼主问的应该是mee too 这首歌,maghan trainor唱的

i can walk on water

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