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It's our party we can do what we want 这是我们的聚会 我们可以肆意妄为 It's our party we can say what we want 这是我们的地盘 我们说什么都是我们的自由 It's our party we can love who we want 这是我们的狂欢 我们可以放开一切去爱任何...

dance with my father 这首算不上沧桑,但是很抒情,不知道是不是你想要的那首

I lie awake at night See things in black and white I've only got you inside my mind You know you have made me blind I lie awake and pray That you will look my way I have all this longing in my heart I knew it right from the sta...

Dance With My Father, 或者Eminem 的Mockingbird,或者It's Father & Son by Cat Steven ,或者Billy Gilman的oklahoma ,但更加可能是西城男孩的my love

Rude-MAGIC! with my father 2.father and son 或 Father and Son-LeVert My father's eyes -Eric clapton Honor Thy Father -Dream Theater Dance With My Father-Luther Vandross This Is My Father's World -Phillip Keveren Father Time -...

Altan--Daily Growing 一个父亲让女儿嫁给一个14岁男孩的歌,是这个吗

忧郁小男孩的爸爸似乎在月球上 你搜这个名字,能搜到mv,但是这首歌到底叫什么名字,却找不到。希望能帮到你

dance with my father。。。?是不是?

Explosions 播放 歌手:Ellie Goulding 语言:英语 所属专辑:iTunes Festival: London 2013 发行时间

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