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think for the most pretty time you spent with me

1.The cybereconomy will have great impact on people‘s lives. 2.The sudden disease messed up my whole vocation plan. 3.To sum up, the American families are very different between today and fifty years ago. 4.It's very important ...

Can I spend the time with you on January 4, 2013? 或Can I be with you on January 4, 2013? 或Can I accompany you on January 4, 2013?

这款衣服更加忠实于动漫原版【。。。】,需要的客人,请及时下单。 The design of this apparel is much more faithful to the origin of cosmics [...], if you are interested in it, please make you order in time.

你所说的尺码表 是划出了等级的么?(x厘米到y厘米是1码 a厘米到b厘米是2码 这样的) 如果是 那就是 You can choose the size your need according to the scale (chart) below. (如果你一定要强调说“表”的话,就加上chart。但我觉得这样有点中...

您的问题很简单。呵呵。百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题。 原句:就读于山西省实验中学,现在上高三 翻译: I study in Shanxi Provincial Experimental School, and now is my senior year. 这是最真确的呵呵 百度知道永远给您最专业的...

他在开玩笑啦 哈哈哈 要是没听懂的话 当时场面会有点小尴尬。。。我没工作的时候,会抢劫老太太,对小孩行窃,然后哭得悲痛欲绝(赢取同情心,呵呵)。大体是这个意思。

I'm sorry for absence of lessons recently because my physical condition is not very well.So I went to hospital in the golden week. Since the credits of this course is very important for me,I came back as soon as possible,and I'...

I saw you several days ago, near Zhongshan Road! 或者 The other day i saw you near Zhongshan Road. 很口语化的一句话,翻译不用太花哨。the other day有前不久某一天,几天前的意思。 英语翻译研究生,请采纳~

live beautifully,love completely. 精彩的活,淋漓的爱

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