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Why doesn’t the Fake News Media state that the Trump Administration’s Anti-Trust Division has been, and is, opposed to the AT&T purchase of Time Warner in a currently ongoing Trial. 为什么假新闻媒体没有声明特朗普政府的反垄断部...

Standard orange said the area module scored below the national scores 绝对是这个,没错的!!

Maybe I walk very slowly in the dark night,but I will carry you on the back ,then even fall ,the one who falls at first must be me.

Because Mr./Ms. Wang is now on vacation, I don't know how to pay you the money.

no matter how long time goes by we will look for the different future, and I hope you can be happy forever

这款衣服更加忠实于动漫原版【。。。】,需要的客人,请及时下单。 The design of this apparel is much more faithful to the origin of cosmics [...], if you are interested in it, please make you order in time.

His tactual address is different from the one that is registered in the system.Which one should I choose?

“ It is not necessary for us to wear masks and gloves at all, what he meant was that these things might only be used by some workers during the working period." 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为你解答!

你所说的尺码表 是划出了等级的么?(x厘米到y厘米是1码 a厘米到b厘米是2码 这样的) 如果是 那就是 You can choose the size your need according to the scale (chart) below. (如果你一定要强调说“表”的话,就加上chart。但我觉得这样有点中...

and it is often for want of will 这里面关键的是“for want of will" 其中want是缺乏、缺少的意思;will是意志的意思 这样的话就好理解了 Few things are impossible in themselves;没什么事是不可能的 and it is often for want of will, rath...

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