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Can I spend the time with you on January 4, 2013? 或Can I be with you on January 4, 2013? 或Can I accompany you on January 4, 2013?

这是我一周的安排: This is my plan for a week. 或 This is my one-week plan. Schedule = 和工作上有关的 (This is my schedule for one week) Arrangement = 是 "安排" 正式的翻译. 可是一般是用在 "正在安排" 或 "安排的行为"上。 比较严肃...

这款衣服更加忠实于动漫原版【。。。】,需要的客人,请及时下单。 The design of this apparel is much more faithful to the origin of cosmics [...], if you are interested in it, please make you order in time.

think for the most pretty time you spent with me

I am suffering every day, but I never regret my choice. Even if another clean slate. I still love you in the quiet ,it's my choice.

1,. In 2009 October and 2010 May, using the method of questionnaire survey of Daweishan mountain Forest Park tourism resources, transport facilities, tourist facilities, guide services, management and other aspects of the custo...

心痛 heartbroken 一般是说心碎了 你的所作所为 我很心痛 it breaks my heart to think about every wound you have left on me 大意是 想到你留在我身上的每一处伤痕 我心都碎了

live beautifully,love completely. 精彩的活,淋漓的爱

金融上专业的是petty loan 平时small loan也比较常用。

It is worthwhile to appreciate "on the edge of glory" that is sung by lady gaga.

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