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英语达人翻译下句的准确英文 谢谢

Can customer buy two set of the iron block for this position seperately? Or they must buy it together with PRG software?

我们一家人喜欢吃蔬菜和食物。 我家里有四口人,我的爸爸妈妈,我妹妹和我。我喜欢吃香蕉和草莓。我的父母不喜欢沙拉和汉堡。我妹妹喜欢面包和牛奶。但是我不喜欢面包和牛奶。我的父母喜欢蔬菜和食物,但是他们不喜欢其他食物,但是我和我妹妹喜...

我告诉自己每日每夜,有一天我会发现我的心都碎了 忘记的回忆


第二段正式,all the (加个local) laws and regulations,his staying abroad改为her staying there Her travel to the USA will be from June 3rd to June 18th in 2015.

Care for the environment is not only a good quality of the individual, but also an important part of the harmonious society. At the same time we should pay attention to the protection of the environment is not just happen aroun...

Jim: hello, please help me find Bob A: your name, please? Jim: I'm Jim. A: ok, Mr. Jim, I with he A connection, you wait A moment. Jim: ok. ...... A: Mr. Jim, I have told Bob you coming, he said he will come here. I'll show you...

还原后 we should do sth in no place other than compaus in no place other than 就是只在这里做 在那种情况下,我们就应该在学校努力建造绿色环境

Too much leisure makes people uncertain about how to spend their time, just as that too much money deprives people of the wisdom on how to use it.

Our concern is that many of the files/documents aren't available from us. If you can't accept it, then we'll have to refuse to examining and verifying it. 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟!请记得采纳,多谢!

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