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when he watch TV as he sing the songs.

当.....的时候as造句 解答 可以造句如下: 当我遇到困难的时候,我总会想起母亲的鼓励。

当.....的时候as造句 解答 可以造句如下: 当我遇到困难的时候,我总会想起母亲的鼓励。

1. Personas are represented as individual people 作为个体代表的人物角色 2. In AS/400, an internal component of OS/400 licensed program which defines and displays its online help information. 在IBM小型机as/400系统中,一种属于OS/...

as的意思是:作为 造句:In spite of this,she ofen appears on the stage as a young girl. 意思:尽管如此,她却经常在舞台上扮演小姑娘。

1 As I get to know him, I am liking him more (The more I talk to him, the more I like him) 2 I get to know him as I like him more



King as he was,he was unhappy.

当as表示正如 引导的从句 是非限制性定语从句 因为关系代词 就是从句中的宾语 动词后面就不需要加宾语了 如As you can see, we're still working. As代替 we're still working.作 see的宾语

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