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短语: [ duǎn yǔ ] 1. phrase 例句与用法: 1. 这是个形容词短语。 This is an adjective phrase. 2. very quickly indeed 是状语短语. `Very quickly indeed' is an adverbial phrase. 3. 在特定的上下文中理解一个短语的含意往往要更容易些。 I...

go up 英 [ɡəu ʌp] 美 [ɡo ʌp] 上升;响起;(幕布)升起;破产 双语例句: 1 Interest rates went up 利率上调了。 2 He noticed a new building going up near Whitaker Park. 他注意到惠特克公园附近正在兴建一幢新楼。

执行 [词典] execute; implement; carry out; performance; administer; [例句]遵照命令,我不能与任何人谈论他执行的任务和他所在的地点。 I am under orders not to discuss his mission or his location with anyone.

be close to[动词词组]approach(be close to) the advanced world level接近世界先进水平2. draw to[动词词组]The talks are drawing to an end. 会谈已接近尾声。 回答不易,满意请点赞。

回答和翻译如下 : 号 召 。 Call on .


be the rage 英[bi: ðə reɪdʒ] 美[bi ði reɪdʒ] v. 流行,风靡一时; [例句]From this, european style is inside palace be the rage, this kind of popularity also is reflected in furniture in making. ...

词组搭配 Collocation group 词组搭配 Collocation group

in order to 或 for

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