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2句 中译英

1it is unbelievable that the harder you try to make everything right,the more conscious you become of a possible problem 2Failure is not scary,but what is frightening is that you can't learn lessons from your failure

翻译成英文是1. bless his alma mater: the glorious history of more brilliant, talented people from generation to generation, and the young world, fruitful vibration Chinese! 2 in alma mater 65 anniversary, wish his alma mater: h...

You are feverish,you had better go to see a doctor this child is too young to walk alone at night.

My hometwon has changed a lot in the pass ten years. In 1919, the May Forth Movement took place in Beijing.

Where is your sister form? where does your sister come from? ——你的姐姐来自哪里

The sweet that is in your mouth was in the plate on the table. The girl who has a pen in her hand writes English words with her sister every day. 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O有不明白的请继续追问(*^__^*)

我的答案: For the problem of belief, I think we should be sincerely. Otherwise it won't be efficacious. 关键就在灵验的翻译了,我用的是efficacious 有效的,灵验的。 有问题再交流

附上中文 好让你们知道我想表达的意思 Please get it attached with Chinese so that I can know your expressed meaning. 真的不希望是翻译软件翻的 拜托 会英语的帮帮我吧 以下 I do hope that your English translation is not made based on...


破折号后面的意思是“即便在夏季这里也很安静”,我估计这个“夏季”其实是代指“旅游旺季”的意思,看样子这是在宣传这里的假日公寓环境安静。 也许音乐和边缘系统这么投缘也不全是偶然;从进化的角度来看,这个系统属于我们大脑比较古老的部分,动物...

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