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2句 中译英

1it is unbelievable that the harder you try to make everything right,the more conscious you become of a possible problem 2Failure is not scary,but what is frightening is that you can't learn lessons from your failure

翻译成英文是1. bless his alma mater: the glorious history of more brilliant, talented people from generation to generation, and the young world, fruitful vibration Chinese! 2 in alma mater 65 anniversary, wish his alma mater: h...

The same in daily life. If

我们的产品保修一年,如果一年内遇到问题 Anyproduct made in our company is to be guaranteed to keep in good repair within a year, and if you have any problems with it during the year we are responsible for the following (回译:我...

You are feverish,you had better go to see a doctor this child is too young to walk alone at night.

1. 人总是要死的,但死的意义有不同。 All men must die, but death can vary in its significance 2.哈佛是最早接受中国留学生的美国大学之一。中国教育界、科学界、文化界一直同哈佛大学保持着学术交流。 Harvard is among the first American...

Don't care about your appearance excessively,inner beaudy is the most important. Don't hesitate before things,or you will lose some good chances

我的答案: For the problem of belief, I think we should be sincerely. Otherwise it won't be efficacious. 关键就在灵验的翻译了,我用的是efficacious 有效的,灵验的。 有问题再交流

You cannot blame anyone, you made the decision alone. Once you hear of the song, you will never forget it.

1.美国人喜欢到处搬家,因此很难与别人深交。 2.当我进来的时候,一个关于谁应该去厨房取面包的琐碎争吵正在发生。 不一定准确,仅供参考哈。

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