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2句 中译英

1it is unbelievable that the harder you try to make everything right,the more conscious you become of a possible problem 2Failure is not scary,but what is frightening is that you can't learn lessons from your failure


你这些说法是汉语的说法,译成英文不能直译的,否则就是Chinglish,老外不懂。因为语言不仅仅是符号,还体现了文化和一些民俗的东西。 所以,你要注意:采纳的时候不要用那些直译的,要体现你的口号精神又符合英文背景的人的理解习惯。

我们的产品保修一年,如果一年内遇到问题 Anyproduct made in our company is to be guaranteed to keep in good repair within a year, and if you have any problems with it during the year we are responsible for the following (回译:我...

I have worked in the related position for one year.this work is my interest, also my strengh. I hope i can develop myself more in this position and i want to be a senior management personnel through my hard-working. I know it's...

1.美国人喜欢到处搬家,因此很难与别人深交。 2.当我进来的时候,一个关于谁应该去厨房取面包的琐碎争吵正在发生。 不一定准确,仅供参考哈。

We reiterate the process for business trip ticket book to all of you. Please act in accordance with it. Please submit your travel requisitins through the Portal at least two days before your trip.

I want to confirm whether there are two people in all to attend our activity this time?

准确翻译是: 这个学生对其他人有非常大的帮助。 请采纳,谢谢!

你好: 1 I love my children more than anything else. 2 I love the piece of expectation of my children in my heart. 希望对您有帮助!

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