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1it is unbelievable that the harder you try to make everything right,the more conscious you become of a possible problem 2Failure is not scary,but what is frightening is that you can't learn lessons from your failure

翻译成英文是1. bless his alma mater: the glorious history of more brilliant, talented people from generation to generation, and the young world, fruitful vibration Chinese! 2 in alma mater 65 anniversary, wish his alma mater: h...

The sweet that is in your mouth was in the plate on the table. The girl who has a pen in her hand writes English words with her sister every day. 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O有不明白的请继续追问(*^__^*)

让弟兄荣耀了,我又能因他的荣耀而倍受鼓舞。 英雄一词是否曾经属于那种勇于做超越义务之事的人。

You are feverish,you had better go to see a doctor this child is too young to walk alone at night.

附上中文 好让你们知道我想表达的意思 Please get it attached with Chinese so that I can know your expressed meaning. 真的不希望是翻译软件翻的 拜托 会英语的帮帮我吧 以下 I do hope that your English translation is not made based on...


have a choice, not condemned criminals who

if在这两个句子中都是表示假设的条件句,是指假如撒了咖啡,会发生什么。 第一个句子:如果你洒了咖啡,会有什么事情发生(指有什么结果) 第二句:如果你的玩具铺满了地毯,会有什么事情发生 一般这种句子都是先看假设条件,再看主句

1.John is a teacher from the UK.2.I am a Japanese student.

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