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IF wE ChinEsE work hArD togEthEr.ChinA DrEAm will

b 成真 如果我们所有中国人一起努力,中国梦将会成真/实现 dream come true 是个短语 表示梦想成真

If we chinese work hard toge-ther,China Dream will( come true) Mr Brown usually ( goes ) to his school.

直接用will come true 就可以了,没有必要用will be coming true


Now I want to say something about my dream. What is my dream? I often ask myself. In my mind, everyone shall have his own dream. I think that having a dream means that we have an idea, and then we will do all the things to achi...

歌曲名:If We Hold On Together 歌手:欧阳菲菲 专辑:永远的情人 Don't lose your way With each passing day You've come so far Don't throw it away Live believing Dreams are for weaving Wonders are waiting to start Live your story Fai...

come true one 唯一答案

B 试题分析:句意:——只要我们努力学习,我们将一定进入一个好的中学。——是的。通过努力学习,我们的梦想将会实现。A. as soon as 一......就......,引导时间状语从句;B. as long as只要,引导条件状语从句; C. as far as 和......一样远;D...

歌名:Nothing's gonna stop us now 附注:没有什麼可以阻止我们 语言:英语, 曲长:4m32s 作曲:, 编曲:Ricky Ho 监制:, 填词: Looking in your eyes I see a paradise This world that I have found I too good to be true Standing here beside yo...听听吧歌名 dream×dream

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