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MAy I sEE thE mEnu, plEAsE?怎么回答

May I see the menu, please? I've been waiting an hour already. 请问我能看菜单了吗?我已经等了一个小时了。

31.C. Please do me a favor. 32.A. chance 33.A. consideration 34.C. worn out 35.B. You must be joking. 36.C. two hours' 37.C. ...

may i have the menu? 给我一份菜单好吗? 双语例句 1 A: May I have the menu, please? What do you recommend? 请把菜单给我,你建议点些什么菜? 2 Unit237 May I have the menu, please? 给我一份菜单好吗?。


可以。。。我可以拿菜单吗? 望能采纳。

点菜是较常用的口语交流表达,呵呵无非就着几点: Could I have a menu, please?/ May I see your menu, please?/ I'd like to see a menu, ...

May I have a menu,please?是否有中文菜单?Do ...May I see the wine list?我可以点杯酒吗?May ...超实用点餐英语口语怎么说:做个有逼格的吃货 求一篇...

B, A, A, B, C B, C, B, B,C 先把第一大题的答案给你

He ___ to paint the whole house but finished only the front part.A、set...I tried to ___ for ... 展开 匿名 我有更好的答案 1条回答 供参考...

Welcome How many? How may I help you today? Can I take your order? Here's the menu. Anything else? Thank you for coming.

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