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My homEtown is ChAngChuEn英语作文

My hometown Nanchang My hometown Nan Chang City is in Jiangxi , this is a beautiful , civilized city. There is a lot of places of historic interest, for instance , rope Jin Ta county, prances, king cabinet , all sorts of flower...

Everyone has his own hometown,so do I.My hometown is next to Yanbian,Jilin . It`s not a very large city, but it`s a very beautiful countryside. There is less air pollution in my hometown than in other areas of Jilin. There are ...

My Hometown  Hello,everyone!My name is Yang Ao.Let me introduce my hometown.My hometown is Lingbao,Henan Province.I have lived here for twelve years.It is very beautiful and it has long history.There are many tourism build...

Where is Changchuen? 长春 地名 连写 后小写 Good morning,Teacher Wang. 大写This is a bottle of orange. 不可数

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