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WAit in linE =quEuE up?

stand in the line wait in the line queue up 排队

wait in line,是排队,动词. queue up 是等候排队,正在进行时

【wait in q queue】意思是【排队等候】。 双语例句 You must always wait in a queue. You must never jump the queue. 你必须始终等候在排队, 你千万不要插队. People had to stand in a queue for hours to buy a ticket. 人们买票得排几小时...

English translation 1. We had to wait a long time for the team to get the service (queue up) 2. The people in the queue waiting for the bus (queue) 3. He vivid imitation of the president (impression) 4. His speech left us with ...

应该是 #include #include 吧。实际wait_queue_head_t 定义就在那个linux/wait.h 下面,真的不行把源码从Linux系统考出来,然后用SourceInsight炮制。

首先,我们可以用“stand in line”来表示。另外我们也可以用“wait in line”...1)queue [kju:] up:(英) 排队(等候);如:The post office was really ...

wait in a queue to pay 排队等候 queue up for wait in line wait for one’s turn wait in a queue

你好! place the process in the waiting queue associated with the first Si found with Si


首先这是一个多线程的问题,你要实现必须用到Thread 第二,你要共享一个变量list那么就要在操作它的方法中给它加上synchronized

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