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A sChool trip 这篇文章的中文

你好! A school trip 一个学校旅行

Last weekend, we went on a school trip to the zoo. It is a very exciting one. We saw a lot of different kinds of animals. I like pandas very much. They are so lovely.I like monkeys, too. They are so clever and can do many inter...

【精】本文总分总结构。 【锐】总——上周六我们度过了一个美妙的旅途。 分——我们参观了植物园,也参观了运动中心。这令我们十分激动。然后我们举办了烧烤派对,食物非常美味。最后,我买了一些有趣的小玩意。 总——我度过了一段美妙的时光。

It's April. We have a school trip. 中文: 现在是四月, 我们也有郊游/校游/春游。

A WANDERFOR SCHOOI TRIP Triping is my dieam.I along want to trip when I were a child.BUT now ,lAST week, under the leadership by my school,so I am very excited . teachers and my friends were very happy.teachers told us, must to...

We have a school trip in the afternoon 下午我们有一次学校旅行

we usually have a school trip in autumn. 我们通常在秋天上学旅行。 we usually have a school trip in autumn. 我们通常在秋天上学旅行。

When does the boy student have a school trip? 您的支持就是我继续前行及帮助别人的动力 愿您与我共同携手传播『 爱心 』之种 望采纳↖(^ω^)↗

trip1 8.00 morning in school we set the gate, and then walk to the mountain, the weather was fine, the air is fresh and the students feel very well. some students have given up the kite, in the fishing, some girls to go to the ...

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