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A sChool trip 这篇文章的中文

你好! A school trip 一个学校旅行

Last Sunday we went for a school trip.There were about 200 students of us. Five school buses took us to the country park. We stayed there for a day. The weather was very nice and I had much fun with my friends over there. I lik...

It's April. We have a school trip. 中文: 现在是四月, 我们也有郊游/校游/春游。

Last weekend, we went on a school trip to the zoo. It is a very exciting one. We saw a lot of different kinds of animals. I like pandas very much. They are so lovely.I like monkeys, too. They are so clever and can do many inter...

We have a school trip in the afternoon 下午我们有一次学校旅行

we usually have a school trip in autumn. 我们通常在秋天上学旅行。 we usually have a school trip in autumn. 我们通常在秋天上学旅行。

1. hang(hung) out with friends 2. go to the aquarium 3. see some seals/sharks/a big octopus 4. on the school trip 5. have /take a trip to…+地点 6. watch a dolphin show/videos/a football match 7. buy a lot of souvenir/buy lots...

this week, that week, tomorrow, yesterday, last week等这些词或短语作时间状语时,其前通常是不要介词的。

c.didn't ================================================================== 亲~你好!````(^__^)```` 很高兴为您解答,祝你学习进步,身体健康,家庭和谐,天天开心>端午节快乐】有不明白的可以追问! 如果有其他问题请另发或点击向我求助...

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