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there aren't any parks in front of the cinema

A 试题分析:句意:是杰克吗?对不起,他不在,他和他的姑姑去看电影了。has gone to表示去了某地还没有回来,故选A点评:have been to表示去了某地已经回来了; have gone to表示去了某地还没有回来。have been in表待在某个地方,动词的时态...

你好: She is ill so she can't go to the cinema with you. 翻译: 她病了,因此不能和你去电影院. 希望对您有帮助!

had alresdy seen

B 本题是反义疑问句,前句是否定句,后句用肯定结构,前句的助动词是has,故后句应写成has he,故本题应该选B。

can't / isn' t able to /doesn't 这题考的是主将从现,也就是说主句和从句两个动作都发生在将来时,只有主句用将来时,从句要用一般现在时。 =========================== 不明白的话请追问,如果懂了请给我一个好评哦~

What is__on__at the Bright Star Cinema in the town? Sally is a teacher.What _about___her sister? What's the weather __like__in your hometown? What type_of_film does your brother like best

several 通常是泛指的,不能加定冠词

itself 本身 The film itself is not fun. 电影本身没有趣。 【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答,祝开心。

1.Is your sister drawing pictures? Yes, she is . No, she isn't 2. Are you going to the cinema? Yes, I am No, I am not 3. Do you often go to school on foot? Yes, I do No, I don't 4. Are you from America? Yes, I am No, I am not 5...

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