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in ... 几分钟后,用于 将来时态 after...和...later 一般用于过去时态,讲述过去事件,区别不大

几分钟后 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

去试试这个 Adobe After Effects CS6 V.11[x64][含破解补丁][MAC] (出处: 致学网)

清除你安装在MAC上的字体库 之后重新启动电脑! 打开AE 在打开的同时 按住CTRL+ALT +SHIFT 以管理方式启动AE 启动以后 会提示你恢复默认的设置 选择是! 之后重新启动AE 如果以上操作无法解决问题 请卸载AE 重新安装 ! 178CG.COM为您解答!

D 只有may表示“也许、可能”,表示不确定的推测; has arrived不表示推测,而是已经发生的事实,故错误; should arrived是应该到达,且arrive也没有写成原形;could arrived 中could的时态错误,且后面的arrive也未用原形。

After stopping for a few minutes, the bus moved__on___to its next stop.He__treated___the children so badly that they were terrified of him.He sp...

试题和解答都在这,好好参阅吧,祝你成功! A few minutes before six o’clock, Mr. Smith began to leave. He was about to start the car when a gunman (持枪者) 1 up from the back seat. He 2 a gun to Mr. Smith’s head,“Drive me to Pari...

This may take a few seconds; please be patient...take up to 10 minutes for all components of ...If after that time the ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility's ...

首先检查一下本地连接是否打开 然后检查杀毒软件是否把license启动文件给禁止了!

在以when,after,as soon as等引导的时间状语从句以及以if,unless等引导的条件...The staff members were askedto arrive a few minutes earlier before the meeting...

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