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in ... 几分钟后,用于 将来时态 after...和...later 一般用于过去时态,讲述过去事件,区别不大

after用于表示时间,后面接的是时间轴上的时间点,仔细体会这个“点”字,而不是时间段。比如afternoon,the day after tomorow……而few minutes(时间是可数名词吗?!)是一个段时间。这样说你明白吗

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答案选B just now :“刚才” in a minute :“一会儿以后”,与将来时态连用 after+段时间不与将来时态连用,after一般后接“点时间” just then:“就在那时”


in +时间段:与将来时连用 after +时间段:与过去时连用 after +时间点:可与将来时连用 He will be back in two hours. He came back after two hours. He will be back after two o'clock.

after making 【a few】 mistakes a few=some=several; 近义:a couple of

in a few minutes 常与一般将来时连用 after a few minutes 常与一般过去时连用,如 例句: I will come back in a few minutes. After a few minutes,he came back.

试题和解答都在这,好好参阅吧,祝你成功! A few minutes before six o’clock, Mr. Smith began to leave. He was about to start the car when a gunman (持枪者) 1 up from the back seat. He 2 a gun to Mr. Smith’s head,“Drive me to Pari...

D 只有may表示“也许、可能”,表示不确定的推测; has arrived不表示推测,而是已经发生的事实,故错误; should arrived是应该到达,且arrive也没有写成原形;could arrived 中could的时态错误,且后面的arrive也未用原形。

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