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答案: 1--3: BDD Japanese students work very hard but many are unhappy. They feel heavy pressures(压力) from their parents. Most students are always told by their parents to study harder and better so that they can have a wonder...


They would pass through the Japanese lines if ordered to do so, engage theenemy in the most dangerous raids. 倘使奉到命令,他们会穿过日军防线,在最危险的袭击中与敌人交战。

abide 遵循(…by);容忍 The one thig she cannot abide is lying. abnormal 反常的 abnormal behavior abolish 彻底废除(法律、制度、习俗等) abolish old custom abrupt 突然的,意外的 an abrupt departure absolute 纯粹的,完全的 have ...

pass through rate 过手证券利率; The downward trend of pass-through rate of Yen are mainly because ever enlargingtrade within Japanese enterprises as a result of increasing FDI and the global low-inflation macroeconomic environm...

参考资料:'m goin' t'rough all this for you and you...X: ( Hands him the pass.) We Japanese ...

I am all tight now. I’ll go and buy some medicine. D: No, you ...X: ( Hands him the pass.) We Japanese assistant soldier need some ...

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