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不同级别的回答: 低 well. good. fine. I am well. I am good. I am fine. not bad. very good. not too bad. not really good. just so...


I 主语 am 谓语 good 表语 at English 状语

gd和太阳的good boy

This Is Living (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young & Free Waking up knowing there's a reason All my dreams come alive Life is for living with you I've made my decision You lift me up, fill my eyes with wonder Forever young in your lo...

I'm gonna getcha good (命中注定) Don't wantcha for the weekend, 不想只做你的周末情人, Don't wantcha for a night 也不想玩一夜情, I'm only interested If I can have you for life(yeah) 只想跟你天长地久。 I know I sound serious,...


Ana ft. Remady & Manu-L - im all good 试听

good boy

I am good:我很好;我也很好;我挺好的 good:美 [ɡʊd];英 [ɡʊd] adv.好 n.好处;好人;益处;善行 adj.有好处;好的;优质的;符合标准的 比较级:better 最高级:best 例句: 1."Good night, Kit, " said the child, her eyes lig...

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