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D. 考查定语从句。后句是非限制定语从句,用选有关系代词的结构,故排除A,B两项,有根据only two people ,none表示三者以上。

B 试题分析:通过last week我们知道本句是过去时,故排除A;通过What a shame0多丢人啊1可以看出,Tom做的并不好,故排除C。所以本题选B。点评:完成本题的关键是注意句子的时间及其相对应的答语。

I went to the centre park in last week. At the gate I happened to meet some America tourists. I greeted him in English and then we begin to chat...

(3) My brother, Bob, has a very good job at a bank. Last week, to my surprise, he told me that he had decided to give it up. I tried ...

was visiting 过去进行时态

Last summer I spent a two-week vacation at my aunt. She lives in a small mountain village, with a river nearby winding its course(way) to...

A 这是一个形容短语,形容教授的。。。。


What you did at last week? Last week what you did?


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