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不要画蛇添足 I visited the museum last weekend. 这就是完全正确的。 强调就 It was last weekend when I visited the MXXXXX. 注意不要漏了when

D. 考查定语从句。后句是非限制定语从句,用选有关系代词的结构,故排除A,B两项,有根据only two people ,none表示三者以上。

有a this time last week这个时间状语,时态应用过去进行时,表示过去某一时正在发生的事。

应该是disaster,fire disaster意思是火灾 满意请采纳,谢谢


Last week my youngest son and I visited my father at his new home in Tucson, Arizona. He moved there a few years ago, and I was eager to see his new place and meet his friends. My earliest memories of my father are a tall, hand...

否He wasn't a singer 3 years ago. 疑问Was he a singer 3 years ago? 否You weren't in shanghai 2 minths ago. 疑问Were you in shanghai 2 months ago ? 请采纳~

Last week,we _had (have) a _running (run) race at school. 因为是上周发生的事,所以用过去时had,但是running race,赛跑,固定的说法

用be动词的适当形式填空: 1.was 2.were 3.was 变成动词的过去式: 前两排:全部加ed;如: play--played ,但第二排最后一个除外:is--was 第三排:like--liked,shout--shouted,are--were,wash--washed,walk--walked 第四排:visit--visited, study--stu...

B 试题分析:通过last week我们知道本句是过去时,故排除A;通过What a shame0多丢人啊1可以看出,Tom做的并不好,故排除C。所以本题选B。点评:完成本题的关键是注意句子的时间及其相对应的答语。

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