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mom mice sweater is on the bad can you get to eat the for me 应该是: Mum,my sweater is on the bed, can you get for me? 妈妈,我的毛衣在床上,你能帮我拿一下吗?

你好! mom,I Miss you so much, so much……this feelling is such bad 妈妈,我是如此的想念你,这么多……这个理想是如此糟糕

aunt: Mum,don't be angry,it's bad for health.My sister-in-law is nice to my brother,please don't be picky with her! mum: Who be ...

'org.eclipse.core.runtime 3.6.0' 可能是你的eclipse版本太低吧

Em那段: Yeah I know sometimes things may not always make sense to you right now 我知道有时候事情并不能如你所愿 But hey, what'd daddy ...

Clean Your Room! 打扫你的房间! Bob's mom is mad. 鲍勃的妈妈生气了。 His room is a mess! 他的房间太乱了! She says,"Clean your room!"...

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